Why do I do it??
Act in this way…
I judge girls like me,
I laugh at there stupidity.
Yet here I am waiting dressed and done in a way you like…
And here I am! Lying to myself that we…are ok.
And you’re out with her yet again,
And you think I can’t tell.
You think I’m another toy,
I guess I am in a way.
Cause all you do is simply play.
Play with my head.
And yet…
Here I sit you now I’ve cried too much
For your touch to kill.
I’m poison your little drug!
So when I’m gone ill be ok
But you dearest “angel” will go through such hell
Oh damn it…oh well
I’m still alive but death lingers here.
The end which I know is so near,
Cause I’m leaving you
So be hooked to me!!!
Fuck drain me dry.
Cause after today its all about our good bye.


A poem i wrote denoting how i was over an ex, we did actually break up after this.... and got back together however we finished for good once i found out he was engaged the whole time we where going out (i knew he was seeing a girl as he started to see her while we where on a break and he dumped her for me he says he dumped his fiance too but i doubt it they are together now anyway and i do make up jobs for his mam sister and friends and help with his dogs which is odd as the only time i remember how we where is by re reading the poems about us.

break up

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