Not a cash machine,
not you personal loan scheme.
I’m nice it seems,
too nice for your plans your dreams.
So hold onto the photos of me on your phone,
i’ll be here claiming my throne.
Hold onto the clothes you wear the only pair.
That i paid for dear!
You arent worth
the waste of breathe on talking about you.
the movement of muscle to punch you.
the love I once had for you,
and not even the hate I thought I had for you.
I’m worth so much more then some low down angry little junkie can provide me with.
So while i’v my good job, living my life to the fullest, I hope you are happy down there, shotting up in the gutter.
You can pay someones way in life, but at the end of the day once that dick betrays your trust they are better off dead which starts today.
Trust no bitch, I guess that shits true.
Guess what darlin’ i’m getting over you.

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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thank you so much =D it really means a lot =]

Imitating Art
over 5 years

I adore your voice and writing style

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