I loved you more then life and you took mine when you did what you did

Every moment hurts more then the last,
I thought this would last forever.
Living in just your light,
Like a starving flower that finally was getting the attention it needed.
Yet you broke my world...
Our world into small broken fractions.
You so often seemed like my prince,
Nomming my face with tiny kisses,
And smelling my hair as we lay in bed and spooning me kissing my head,
And now all the bad takes again the good.
Every memory of you seems a lie!
Every promise every discovered fact about us =[
Did you even love me like you said?
Was I really the one Or was I just another notch?
Cause I loved you...
And you were my very last hope.
You took the last part of trust id hidden away,
that tiny seed grew oh so tall.
If only i’d of known it was gonna fall
I’d have never got involved
I adored you my amore!
And now my hearts not the only thing left sore,
My chest hurts my legs are scratched up my arms bruised my wrists tired.
My ears can’t hear your lies.
My eyes seen the blood coming from your face.
After you kicked me to my own...
And while my brother pinned you down away from me I laid across you crying.
And all you could do was look into my eyes and beg for me to let you go!
And I wish I could let you go...
Instead your embedded in my heart my life my soul.
And I love you but ill never let you back in...
Adn I loved you so much I was willing to take a ring.
Now my world is smashed up,
Like always I’m so out of luck.
Did you give a fuck?
We made love we never had sex an you’d hold me oh so tight.
Everything seemed very right,
Until we had this our first real fight.
And even then I loved you so much I didn’t even argue,
I didn’t yell.
Just had to tell you to sleep on the sofa and got up to go to bed.
You asked “will you just talk to me” over and over again,
And tears rolled from my eyes which you didn’t seem to see.
When i held your face telling you “yes we will talk in the morning”
You cried stating “you don’t love me anymore” and I shook my head telling you “I still do”
I got up to leave telling you to sleep.
As you stood up to kick me.
What happened?
Do you even know?
What you did.
Does it show?
And I don’t even know.
If inside me a seed has grown,
And your gone...
I’m left all alone...
You said I’d never be like this again!
And now I can’t live with out someone here,
I can even eat, through ever noise its you I hear.
Whispering “I’m sorry babe” through my fear...
And even your friends and family fear for your soul but have let you go,
And I’m so scared you’ll die away.
But I never wanna see you...
Cause I can’t even think you live still.
I love you so much, but i couldn’t take one touch.
If I’m to stay away,
You have to be dead to me.


I fell in love and even though he was the most amazing caring loving person I had he was just so dark under it all it just took one moment for him to change. I just can't see how someone can propose then hurt you in the space of a week.

Ray, light of my life. I loved you more then any thing and you stood all over us when you let the dark side take over I should of know you where just as dark as the real anakin and I feel just like padme now

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