Wash away my shallow mind,
underneet the decaying you might even find...
in this hallow shell of human skin.
Lies a heart so big, it just never wins.
And you can promise me,
how you will always be,
my love for you wont fade
but soon your try to upgrade.
And you’re lying to me through thickened lips,
if only you knew how he hugged me last night while you where fucking me
over, So hide me from the public’s eyes,
its ok although i’m surprised.
You make me feel dead inside,
so sick and tired...
of all these lies!
And so again i’ll cry
And i promised myself i’d try.
Why can’t i stand up and fight!
Don’t bother letting me stay any night....
oh why
Do I feel like this inside,
tell me why i let him dint my pride
when all he does is fucking lie!
So hold on darlin’
I’ll hold on until this is our last breath
and i’m falling yet again
falling out of love and yet
i cant grow a set.
Cant let you go,
i maned up wrote several texts!
But still haven’t sent them yet,
Still haven’t broken, can’t be left with this choking.
But deep inside i know i’ll keep holding on until you tell me you’ve been inside,
another then i’ll lose this and i’d be bruised...
but never beaten! And though you think you’ve killed me this my heart still beaten.
I’ll love i’ll live and i’ll move on never given in to the weight of what lies on these shoulder.
I guess i thought with you’d be so different but your still just older.
So blame me,
love me,
maul and maim me.
all you’ll do is shame me with your lies,
come and lie, while you look into my eyes.


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