Plain profanities not for the faith hearts.... Like a cheer for rape

Kiss me quick, fuck me hard,
Just bite me, don’t loss it
Hurry up and bruise me.
Tie me up i’ll drag you down.
Ill think bout ya when you ain’t around,
Simply cause i hate you so!
And i don’t do relationship no....
But i’ll still like, all lil girlies do!
That one day...
I’ll have my own back on you.
So hurry up and have some fun.
Come on darlin’ the rides in place,
Hurry up, don’t worry ill remember that face.
So screw me honey but don’t you forget,
You sweetness...
Will always be in my debt.


There was a time in my life, a time when i finally understood what men wanted. I was 18 when i was sexually assaulted by a boyfriend i'd had (he was the boy all my friends wanted) until he did what he did (then "oddly" they where glad i had him) Before this happened i was so innocent, so strong a bit of a bitch but still shy and sweet. This is one of several of he poems about what happened, and i have some that show my weak side but this just shows that i was strong i got up and i got over it. He has to deal with what he did all his life, i'm past what happened me.

Rape, Assault, Hurt, Anger, Strong, Strength, Power, past.

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Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Thanks cory!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Love the attitude!


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