Heart be still and stop you foolish fight
Why are you still beaten when he left you, you hear me right?
Why flutter when you see him, why hurt me oh so much
Why sad eyes are you tearing when he made you cry so much
Why skin bare the scars when inside I’m barely healing why heal over the open wounds
Which still I feel are bleeding.
Oh dearest hormones why raise when you look into his eyes.
Why feet get ready for running why stomach are you turning.
Why adrenaline, are you telling me to fly away and not fight today?

Maybe as iv fought enough and given up on him,
Maybe it was the beatings that make my head spin.
Why crazy little girl are you still whispering inside why are you not hidden from his cruel hands you know can fight.
And my body is shaking and my voice if I was speaking would be quaking and yet

Inside me is a voice screaming;
“are you stupid or are you praying were you dreaming he was playing when he raised his hand exclaiming you would be better dead. And do you not remember that even at the start oh sweet December that he was mad in temper and cheating on you too, or has your mind been lost with the shaking with the fear so mentally breaking are you stupid or just crazy for this is not love its lazy... its a last call and far from love as can be its your heart it plays games and tricks you see”
...and so my heart is beaten but my lungs are choking heaving and my hands are shaking and my feet are running for my mind has awaken and now the flood gates are raising and hell I’m starting to stand up and remember and now i no its not December but May when you left me culling me so cruelly bitterly and brutally.
Now I stand up and I might be shaking yes my voice might be quaking but ill scream and shout and make him hear my voice yelling take him and god cant only save us for I have been saved from such and if he comes closer I may act docile but I’ll be ready to pounce back and trust me I will attack with such fury so bring it baby hurry!


A poem wrote just after me and an abusive ex broke up, (my poem "missing" is from the start of our relationship) this is about how our relationship hab broken up fro his abusive and cheating ways, how i was still so stupidly in lust, like and love with him but how i was determined to get up and get over his sorry arse which in time I did.

break up, getting over,pain,strenght

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

You will meet someone soon who is the right one for you.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Good. I'm glad you got over it. It is hard to do.

Dani Davis
Dani Davis
almost 5 years

Thank you, i'm glad too! It took a good half a year to get over him and a lot longer to trust another man after this, but what doesn't kill me sure!

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