Depression is....
knowing you aren’t good enough,
but hoping you can be.
Depression is...
knowing you aren’t the best,
but not letting it bother you.
Depression is....
having the strength and courage to fight,
when your mind literally wants to shut your body down.
Depression is...
dealing with so much shit you could be mummified by it,
but plastering on a mask of a smile and living life.
Depression is....
finding it hard to stay in bed all day,
but finding it harder to get out of it.
Depression is...
never trusting the things people say,
cause you’re mind thinks everyone hates you.
Depression is....
a lot of self hate, so much so it doesn’t surprise you when others don’t like you.
Depression is...
screamin in your own head,
and feeling numb inside.
Depression is....
the wall so many fail to see,
when they look at me.
Depression is in every person you know
cause you honestly dunno how they feel.
Its every comment you make, its ever glance and laugh.
Depression is knowing that we all have dark and light days.
Its knowing i’m the weak chain in my own self.
And most of all depression is a war that we should help fight.
Cause depression is a silent killer,
people rarely think about until they suffer themselves.

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Great. Even though we think there is nothing to be depressed about, there is always something. Good description of depression.

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