Each man I’ve ever felt for
Like if we gave it a chance
It would be more
All them seem to sense or sniff out
That you my mate
Have left me now
They come like vultours
To pick my carcass dry
Only I’m not alone now
But I feel alone inside
And the changing tide could pull me out
I know no one would miss me I doubt....
The changing moon pulls me down
Are we on the same level now?
Cause I’m so angry I could kill you
I’m so annoyed at you
And myself for feeling anger at all
But you left me now life is my eternal fall
The issues I’m going through alone
Iv messaged you but you read and don’t reply
You don’t care if I’m pregnant
Sick dead or alive
Unlike your hold you held over me
You’ve let go now it seems
No man would dare speak to me
Yet one now calls late at night
I’m not scared I fight back over the phone
At first I thought it was you hut now I know I’m wrong
And all I wanna do is scream at you until the tears come out
I wanna yell I wanna shout
That you did this not to you but to me
Abandoning the life we planned
You where all I ever had!
Now I’m sad to see
I was always alone and free
My wings now clipped
I’ll never be
You did this to me...

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