You don’t own me
I’m not your kinda girl
You don’t know me
Not as well as we did long ago
But you should homie
I’m everything you might need
I know what it’s like
Downing pills just to feel
And if you ask me so deeply what’s wrong in my head but you hide the fact you tried to end your life like Iv not wanted to be dead
And mister abstract guess who’s back
On my mind again
Reece you don’t know I never seen you as just a friend
I don’t own you
You’ll never be my Man
But they don’t know what’s between us too
That they never can
From the flirting to the dirty lil plans
The feast I’ll feed you
While im begging on knees
Lying that the scars you’ll see
Saying they aren’t new
pretending lifes been all about you

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