For I’m the one
The one who prayed
Never ending
Needing pleading
For karma to come back
Mirrors became the enemy
Ideas the fury to end my life
Cause I was so sick and tired
Like a lost Martian wife
But now I know
I’m the lucky
For you where sent
And I dunno really what I did
To get that cheeky smile
Or those clever eyes admire me
As I step out of a shower
Or climb into the red blanket you cover me in.
Have I told you yet how I feel
Waiting pacing myself
A month in wondering did I win
Some fantastic draw
I didn’t know I entered
The happy smiles
The I can see my self in a photo again and not really mind
The moments of weakness
By the moments I once had drowning my personality out
At you through doe eyes
In the morning light
Wishing the time would stay still
Just here and now
When all is right
When I’m wrapped in you
And you entangled with me
And I wonder was it Paul my dad or nanny
Who pushed you my way
Maybe our dads settling some bet
Where ever either of them is
And I worry so hurried
About maybe one day I’ll be without you
And how your heads a mess
How two seizures left you in a hospital bed
About how worried you where when you found out you couldn’t drive
How worried you turned out to be
Thinking no car could maybe mean no me
But I would strive through quick sand
Just to hold your hand
Even with your lame dance moves
And that bogger accent too
You don’t notice
My love
How I’m falling for you.

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