You were the light of my life,
now i dont even wanna be alive.
How can something so meaningful
loss all my faith and make you seem so evil.
Why can’t i get you out of this head,
This smells of our not my bed.
I’m so fucked up that i cant even see,
Your just no good for me.
You need help,
Not for me but yourself.
And i keep wearing your tshirt and i wanna mail your stuff back to you
but i cant even reach out its true.
I just wanna wake up, from this horrid nightmare....
How could this be true love and be so unfair
I can’t ever have you here
its you i love and you i fear.
Raymond i wrote out my vows of love and you wont ever hear them now,
I just hope you understand, and you get help from this somehow.

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