It’s amazing,
How silence...
Can become deafening.
When you’re holding out hope,
Making you think twice,
Making you build thick skin.
How short thirty days is,
When you lose them.
And I won’t hang on to the idea I could of have something,
when all alone you couldn’t be someone...
I could depend and trust on you feeling?
It’s funny how you couldn’t be with me no kidding?
And it’s all the same when it comes down to it,
Actually I’m done I’m through with ya!
One more fuck boy with a messed up head?
Screw this you don’t get to cry tears when the lies are dead!!
So stand back watch this fire burning like I’m the chance you lost
The wind screaming goodbye
Earth laying waiting
Water drowning it out and
Bitchs it’s done!
I’m sorry I guess my heads messed up
Well darling
I don’t give no fucks.
Count up your chances.
Oh shit ya outta luck!

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