Can you be my Eric,
and i’ll be your Ariel?
My strong wise paladin knight,
everything now seems so right.
You show me all the power inside I hide,
i’m the siren i’v always dreamed i was my eyes are now open wide.
To the deep magic that’s being stored,
This is love, our love is like nothing its only starting but its soared.
And you whisper wise words I long to hear,
I get butterflies, i’m nervous when ever you get near.
And today we had our first stupid fight.
And it was annoying cause neither one of us started it but we are still alright.
You hold me tight,
and it feels more then just right.
You are the puzzle piece that iv missed.
I long for just one more heartfelt kiss.
On these oh so soft spoken lips,
Keep on forever holding on to these wide hips.
Forever you will be mine and I yours.
Always ours never his or hers.
You are the only person that fits the crazy i was thought to be,
We can take on the world you and  me.
Happy in the thought that this is still growing.
Its like a lifetime i’v been sleepy, hardly seeing, not even knowing.



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