When did I stop caring
Why did I stop the desire to
Pull men?
When did I pile on this weight that won’t go?
Why did I let these stretch marks grow?
There was a time my dating list was a waiting line
Then I grew tetchy
Men where getting sketchy
After a few bad falls (I think they made me shrink cause I once was so tall)
It only took but two bad chances
Loss in romantics
Three failed chances and I took my looks for granted I guess I have up
Am I out of looks and luck
Do I give a fuck? Who did I fuck....
I just used to be so happy being me now I’m down add gained more than a few pounds
Come pick me up old bfs like you used to every month chat up try snap me up out of another lovers arm
What are the chances?
I took it for granted?
I’m so out of touch
Of how I look
I’m so down
Need to get up
Trying my best to loss it all
But he just keeps letting me fall
And I just wanna e back to being me not the fat version you see
Just two more dress sixes
I’ve lost 27pounds
And my bf asks where....and try’s to find it
Thanks for the boot into my arse
Your love is just a farce
I remember being cared for
And you cared dearly
What happened you whee so silly
It’s sad that I barely see your willy
There was a time I’d have sex daily at least 4 times a day I’m lucky now if I manage 4 times a year
Am I making myself clear?
Pick me up
I’m outta luck
Please just be my pick me up
Just tell me you love the way I look.

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