The Mis-Adventures of Three Silly Boys

Three boys wanted to be famous, once upon a time
Knights too; and among all the nickels be the dime
They set off one Saturday
To the hills atop the bay
Adventure! the Lost Boys fighting evil and crime
Alas! The silly boys forgot to bring food nor water
It’s summer and by noon getting hotter and hotter
Thirsty, hungry, bug-bitten
Now also by fear, stricken
Lost, far from home,  then maybe the leather later!
© F Aparici

This is a real story. But the names have been changed to protect the innocent. LOL

BTW the leather is short for Dad's belt.

This is the fourth limerick I have written in two weeks. That's enough I think!


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Charlotte B. Williams
about 1 month

Fun Story.

about 1 month

Thank you.

about 1 month

Thank you @Barb

Benjamin G. Sangalang
about 1 month

No leather? Uno por dos will do! Lol.

about 1 month

Hahaha. Yes that will do just fine. LOL

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 month

Aka “sin’tron”. Us brothers 5 had our share of the leather from Dad. Many times.
Maybe had prepared me for the paddle.

Will miss your funny verses.
Enjoy the hiatus.

Like. Thanks Brod.

about 1 month

Yes we had a share of that as well. He used to have a "buntot pagi" but my mom threw it away I think. Bless her heart!

When we were kids we have to be home for the Angelus at 6 pm (remember that). If not, there's hell to pay LOL. You can leave afterwards just that we have to pray as a family at 6pm.

Thanks for liking Brod

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