My Black king, Poised in elegance, Skin glowing from the inner sun, your beautiful soul
You work to achieve, You live and maintain, You work and succeed, You live and obtain
the greatest life that this world will let you.
You know no boundaries
and you love me.
You are a man of strength, you are a man of word, you bless me with your presence
you respect my body and cherish every part of me.
You love me as your black queen, you hold me dear to yourself, you shelter me from the obscenities of this world, you speak no monstrosities.
You love us and we are the epitome of you.
Black culture
Black love
you love me, you love us, we love you
Black kings.
Those silenced, those screaming, those crying, those weeping, our black kings we love you .
We will fight day in and day out.
For those who don’t acknowledge us, those who don’t protect us, those who don’t respect us.
We still love you.
We stand poised in elegance, heat radiating from our eyes, from our inner fire.
Our souls which burn for you, the epitome of us, black queens.
We are black royalty

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