The depths in which you traveled are dark & mysterious depths of a being unexplored by her self
and she is already lost in the depths of your eyes so closely studying the depths of her.
Your hands traveled down her spine with the slightest line of air between your fingers and her skin
which raised the slightly invisible hairs on the nape of her neck
microscopic beads of sweat formed and the smallest of muscles tensed
one by one
with movements so swift you
swept her mind into a whirlwind of  possibilities
in the moments of you two there was no world besides the one you were creating with every glance
and deep kiss
every small smirk and deep breath of your intoxicatingly sweet scent
there was the slightest chance of the creation of happiness .
you were changing her view on the very thing she wanted least and most
and gave her back hope  all at once
the soft murmurs of self doubt disappeared
the loud screams of regret were hushing
with this newfound satisfaction of the beautiful  being she could obviously be
if in truth that is what you were looking so deeply in to
when those loud screams of regret came back and the murmurs of self doubt reappeared with questions of the decisions she made
your power to hush them arises when you hold her
and there is that possibility again
and maybe the desire  is because you don’t want her they way she believes you do
and if you do she doesnt care to know in this moment and maybe there is no desire for what she so helplessly yearns for in your arms
but the truth is , it was inevitable
i had to say this
to my self of course
because i can’t tell you this
you may not be receptive to the being i am and the feelings i feel
and the thoughts that still linger in my mind and the voices that are in the back of my head but lord knows theres always you and i always want to be in your arms
-a hopeless romantic

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