you just don’t get it, do you? or do you not want to?
I need you to feel what i feel, i need you to understand.
understand that its the smallest things, like your breath on my neck when we embrace
like your fingertips dancing through the air to land in my hair
like your eyes wandering around the room then locking with mine
the way when i’m with you we lose track of time
the fight i lose every time i try not to smile when i hear your name
all those overwhelmingly beautiful feelings drowned out by fear
fear that these feelings are going to become overwhelmingly unbearable
and your embraces will start to burn and the idea of your fingers touching me makes me cringe and i wont be able to even look at you and when i hear your voice my hearts going to tighten and my time will be gone and you will be there
in all those hours
all those days
all those minutes
all those seconds
spent with you
thinking of you
my time will be gone and you will be too

do i even have a chance

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