I woke up this morning and I thought about you.
I rolled over and imagined you there again.
It’s been months since I’d seen you last.
I looked at my phone like I always do.
I remembered when you use to text me around then
You don’t anymore and it’s pretty hard to grasp
But I’m okay with that
We fell off, and I’m not sure when it happened
I’ve been looking for you in your laugh
I’ve been looking for you in your eyes
but you’re not there anymore
I’ve been looking for the man I fell in love with
The man who made yellow glow like the sun
And pink feel like the sunset
He made breathing feel like a drug
And I still love him
And I’m okay with that
I just don’t understand how you managed to change so quickly Into someone I cant even recognize.
You changed faster than the day does by the second
And you left me hanging and I went mad
You were supposed to talk to me like you promised
You were supposed to give a fuck that I’m hurt because you loved me
You were supposed to, but you didn’t
So I guess I’m okay with that too.
But in reality I’m not
I can’t feel the colors anymore and...
I can’t seem to get past the fact that it was me
I blame this all on me
I let myself fall for your words
For a dream you so artistically sculpted in my mind
Yet you showed me no compassion
No emotion, and made me settle
And in return I got nothing
But an empty chest
And a broken life vest
Now I’m drowning in a sea of heartbroken tears
I didn’t ask for much,
Just your permission to love you so deeply you wouldn’t remember a time you weren’t
But I couldn’t even get a little effort in return
You fed me words that nurtured a nightmare
and I lost the man I thought I loved.
the man I made you into, but the man you will never be.

I'm holding on to a man who will never love me the way i love him so hopefully this helps me let him go.

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