By J Ann Crowder

We spend our lives longing for touch and kinship
Most of all love
Alone in a cosmic universe, spinning on an axel of infinite time
We long for conversation’s meaning
For a nod, a smile, or a soft affirmation in another's eyes
We crave validation
A dual thought
A questioning of life, together
We stand in wonderment, together
Sharing our experience
Longing for the same
Love’s pure proclamation
Universal truth
Eternal windows
Ethereal wonder
A sacred connection
Unifying life
Creating one heart from many
In this, we are no longer alone

Written May 18, 2017.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 4 years

I must say, poets connect in more ways than one. It's universal as well. Further I must say that you read my mind. Last night I started a poem along the same line as yours. Not quiet the same but a longing for love and eternity- a life extended, our souls into new lives. Much like the sustaining energy that the stars, the universe, give us.
This one, yours, says it all. Love + fave. Thank you Jennifer.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

Thank you Nelson! I look forward to reading your poem. Please let me know when it is finished.

Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

I guess Adam sure was glad Eve showed up.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

I bet he was. We were not meant to be a lone.

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