When I first set eyes on you,
I knew.
When I first spoke to you,
I knew.
I knew my heart was going to yearn for you.
My heart started to beat hard around you.
I knew my brain would be filled with thoughts about you.
My brain started to daydream when around you.
My head felt like it wasn’t screwed on right.
I couldn’t stand straight.
My hands would get hot and clammy.
I couldn’t look you in the eyes.
I thought about you all the time,
Whether it was about how perfect your teeth are,
Or what you had for dinner.
My mind always came back to thinking about you.
Finally, the odds were in my favor,
I got a taste of you.
I still remember the aromatic smell of your lips that day,
It became my favorite taste to ever exist.
I always tried to keep my body close to you,
I kept my face near yours.
There was this undying attraction I had for you,
Which jumpstarted my feelings.
There are people who get addicted to toxics,
I knew I found my drug.
Never did I think it would hurt me,
After all it was only a person.
But it wasn’t just a person.
He was my forever.
Turned out to be poison,
I think I’ll be sick forever.
If love was meant to hurt,
Why does it look like such a happy thing?
If we were meant to be together,
Why did you leave so easily?

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