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Chapter Of My Deepest Dream

As a child of course...

The day that it came
When my home became broken
I cried and cried
Afraid that someone else would leave
I watched and made sure
That I wouldn’t be left alone
For I was just a child when it happened
It was the first time I felt pain
And it certainly wasn’t the last....
As days went by
I wished the only man in my life
Would return home
And my family would be whole
But he never did
I guess you can say it was
A silly wish of mine
Maybe even cute
But to me
Not having a whole family
Broke me
Piece by piece
I never told anyone about what I went through
Just the woman who watched over me
She kept saying that it was never going to happen
And that what they had was gone
But I didn’t give up on my wish
My dream...
As I grew up I learned more
And got over my wish
And looked at things that mattered
Like my job to take care of my family
Or what was left of it anyway
As I grew up
I stopped wanted my family to be whole
For it already was
I do miss the man in my life somewhat
But I can’t say I want him in my life
I do want to be closer to him
But I want to hide who I am
It’s hard to explain how I feel
For I want to love him
But I have too much on my plate right now
I guess I could wait
But then...
It could be too late
But I wouldn’t be living life then
If I didn’t gamble a little here and there
So let’s see if I’ll win this bet
Shall we?

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