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God 1

As I go on my knees
I pray to  God
Asking Him to help me with the challenges that I go through
For everyday it’s something new
When I pray I can feel His presence
I feel His Spirit go through me
As He touches my heart
I can feel warmth build within me
I never thought I could feel
So joyful, calm, and peaceful
With all the things going around me
Through all the trails I’ve gone through I’ve stayed strong because of Him.
Even when I mess up
God still stayed by my side
He took my hand and help me close
Telling me that He would never let me go
Even when I’m led astray
By the temptations that surround me
He watches over me always
And makes sure that I know He is there
Forever I shall be grateful for the things God has done for me
For no matter how many times I’ll slip up
He will still love, care, and want me
No matter what

I will make other poems about God that is why this is called God 1.

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