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Current Feeling


You read stories filled with happy endings
To be honest I never believed them to be true
Yet with you my mind has changed
And I want to spend forever with you
I lay awake at night
Thinking of what we can be
What we already are
My dreams consist of you
And I now know happiness can shine through
The darkest nights
The dreaded days
All of those things go away
Only with you will my love forever stay
Sometimes I question our meeting
Is it true or just a chance?
Have I finally found love
Or do I need to take a second glance?
Constant doubt is silenced by you
Looking at your face
Seeing you smile
Makes my heart run a thousand miles
And every single peace of doubt I had
Escapes my mind
For I believe what we have is true
I love you I do
And I am overjoyed that I met you
I could have never wished for a more perfect person
A person like you
I can’t promise I won’t stop doubting
But I promise that I will try
You’re the answer to my wish
My heart’s savior

I couldn't think up of a good title so I just put it as "Current Feeling" because I was inspired by one of my favorite songs (yes the one attached to the poem) to make this.

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