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Hey, it’s me!
The cyborg no one wants to see
Cuz they know I’m a little crazy
My past is super hazy
Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be So I can’t remember the old me
 I would say I’m sad about it
I feel no emotion!
None at all!
While you’re small I’m 10 feet tall
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”
Doesn’t work on me
 I’m pure titanium
 Go ahead!
 Put me in an asylum
 In 10 minutes I’ll be dining
 With the president of the USA
 Telling him about my day
 I’m a computer
 A machine
 Nothing can ever stop me
 My work is clean
 Under the counter
 Try and find me
 You’ll be wasting your time
I’m a cyborg!
 Everything belongs to me
 I’m the Queen!
 Call me “Majesty”
Bow all the way down to me!
You can’t shut me down
 I wear the royal crown
 You made me like this
 Wanna kiss?
 You’ve made me
 Who I am!
 The most psychotic bitch in the land!

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