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For You, My Goddess


As a new dawn breaks
The sun shows its face
As the rays come through your windows
The sun looks to someone it does not know
It peers through curious
Thinking “How mysterious.”
The higher it flies
The more it can realize
And as it finally hits your face
It turns away in disgrace
For its beauty cannot compare
To a maiden as fair
The clouds cry for the sun
Who wishes it could be the one
The one to love you so much
But it sadly must stay hushed
Jealousy fills its heart
Even when it turns to dark
For it knows the truth about how you are
More wonderful than the stars
Yet you cannot gaze upon yourself
For it makes you want to yell
You wish you could start again
Making yourself just like them
Oh what you do not know
Is you are a goddess beginning to grow
A little flower in need of  sun
But you hide from everyone
Each day the sun wishes to be
Fair and half as beautiful as thee
Instead it falls to its knees
Broken to infinity
It calls out “Goddess, please!
See the things that I see!
For my words shall never empty.
For you mean everything.”
Whatever you need
I will be your everything
For the love I have for you does not compare
Here or anywhere

To my friend who was feeling blue yesterday. She and I had such a great time texting each other and I pray one day she will find herself to be beautiful the way I do.

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