The constant itching drives me mad
I want to do it so damn bad
Feel the razor on my skin
Cut myself deep within
I want to see the blood drop
Feel the sting afterward
I want to use it once again
Feel the pain
And release myself
Another me won’t do it though
Afraid of getting caught
Afraid of letting her know
I scratch at it
Hoping it fades
But it just comes back the next day
The internal battle becomes so much
That it affects me with everything I do
How can I be the bright person I want to be
With the urge in my veins
It’s here again...
Burning my flesh with desire...
Just once more
That’s all I need
Then I’ll stop....

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over 5 years

I actually do not know that song and I didn't know that this poem would relate to it.

Geek Poet
over 5 years

This is akin to Trent Reznor lyrics. ' I focus on the pain to if I still feel!'. I bet you know the song Hurt from the down ward spiral. That a pain ridden masterpiece. How brave of you to admit self harm. Your using your poetry to cleanse yourself. Keep on writing

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