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Don’t Do This


Sheets thrown on the floor.
Memories locked behind the door.
You feet hit the ground.
Trying hard not to make a sound.
The creek of the door, gives you away.
But I do not rise, to ask you to stay.
When you return my heart soars.
My worries are no more.
On your face I see fear..
Did I cause that to be here?
Oh, my love, where are you going?
Is our love no longer growing?
Come back!
Please don’t go!
There is so much we are yet to know.
Don’t do this.
Don’t leave me again.
I have already been hurt before.
I can’t lose you too.
I will try and make things ok.
Without you I will break...
My heart will no longer beat...
Please won’t you stay with me?
Don’t do this.

'I can't promise things won't be perfect, but I promise I'll always stay.'

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