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Remember Me


Remember the time I was up with you?
Remember when I stayed up late to talk to you?
Remember when I told you I love you?
Remember the time we confessed everything?
What happened to the good times?
What happened to the laughs?
What happened to our smiles?
What happened to us?
Why do you act as though I never was there for you?
Why do you look at me as though I hurt you?
Why do you listen to all the lies he spews?
Why do you eat the shit he gives you?
Babe, I have always been by your side.
I loved you more than anyone else.
Yet you treated me like garbage.
Though I never left you.
I stayed by your side even when you didn’t deserve it.
Remember when we were friends?

This is just a small vent. A friend (somewhat mentioned in Angel [Part One]) has not really appreciated me for the past 5 years, and it hurts to think that I wasted so much time on someone who didn't deserve it. Though it wasn't entirely her fault. I struggled to push myself away from her. I was addicted to everything about her, and I ended up getting hurt so badly each time. This is simply to get some of my feelings out because I keep it swirling in my head a lot, and I know that that isn't healthy. I would tell my friends, but I haven't been able to speak how I feel lately. I hope that you guys enjoy this.

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