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Jigsaw Puzzled Mind


Everyone thinks
That my emotions are smooth
Pen on paper
Let’s it all out
The truth of my gift
Is that my mind is so messed up
That when I write
I don’t even think
There’s no room for it
One slip up though
And my flow crashes
Bloodshot eyes
Mind racing
Body follows close behind
Moving to keep myself up
Just long enough to figure it out
To solve the puzzle
I choke once
It all falls apart
Burns in front of my eyes
No longer can I do it
The pen raises from the page
My poem is undone
You think that it is easy
If you knew the things I thought
Saw the images that flash in my mind
Maybe you would understand
That my mind is a jigsaw puzzle
Over and over I hear
How great it is that I can write
When it actually isn’t just a gift
But a curse tied up
Only a little though....
Twisting and turning
Never thinking straight
Jumping from one thing to the next
Never knowing how to bet
“Will today be better? Tomorrow?”
I never know and never will
Jigsaw Puzzled Mind
And it is all mine.

3:12 A.M.

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