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All In One

Fantasy is such a beautiful place
Where you can be free
No cares in the world
No stress for me!
The days are longer
The nights are more alive
Everyone is so happy
And no ever dies
Fantasy is where I want to be
Away from all the chaos
While this world is crumbling
Set me free
Let me go to the place
Made for me
I wake up from my dream
Back to reality
Wait where’s gravity?
My mind is still flowing
Images and memories
In my brain are merging
Is this...
Who’s that...
Did we...
Oh no...
I can’t sort it out
Memories all the same
Don’t know what’s real or not
Oh my poor head!
Reality hits you like a brick
Fantasy hit you like snow
Two contrasting elements
On the go
Merging into one
Messing with my mind
Dreams become nightmares
Scars become cuts
F-Fantasy... or...
Keep them separate
Because if they collide
The days become hell
Nights are spent in jail

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