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Snowflakes on my window pane.
White and crystal clear.
A new country, a cold place,
How did I get here?
They made me choose,
Asked me to decide.
No idea what to do,
Only confusion inside.
After all, I was only a child,
Living by the world’s rules.
Just going with the flow,
We are all fools.
I found my way here,
Convinced, I knew what to do,
Until I realized I was trapped
Like a wild animal in the zoo.
But I get out of bed
And put on a smile every day.
Something good will come out of this,
Even if it doesn’t go my way.
It’s slowly destroying me,
This cold, and this place.
But I’ll suck it up
And won’t show it on my face.
All I see is grey
Through my colorful eyes.
But I won’t complain,
There has to be an end prize.
After all, I’m no more a child
So, I’ll learn to survive.
Watch the snowflakes on my window pane
as they slowly arrive.
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