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free verse

I was running for my life,
Away from them.
Looking everywhere,
In search of help.
I saw a friend
Under the table.
Let out a sigh
and went nearer.
In the blink of an eye,
he was gone.
What the hell just happened?
What went wrong?
I heard footsteps approaching,
louder this time.
How did we get here?
All I hear is screaming and shouting.
I’m on the top floor,
I look around for stairs.
To get down from here,
to get away.
There’s no way out
I’m stuck here.
“I love you Mom and Dad”
The words ring in my ears.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Everyone is gone
I’m the only one left.
I look down again
This time a staircase appears.
I climb down.
As fast as I can
Try and get out of this hell.
I run for what feels like hours.
I’m out of breath,
Out of power
I fall down to my knees,
Blame my lungs for being weak,
Vision is blurry, I can’t see.
Realise it’s not me...
I look down at my breasts,
A hole in my chest,
Blood everywhere,
no one to take care. . .
I wake up and I see
A clean bed,
A healthy body.
Tears in my eyes
Thank God for this life.
It’s just a dream.
Can’t say the same for those kids
Who we hear about every day,
See on TV, watch them pray.
God, be with them.
Be with their families,
Help them in this time of grief.
There is nothing more shameful
Than such a tragedy.
Those kids just went to school,
To learn and to be free,
A place that is supposed
to help the believe.
I will never understand
What they’ve been through.
But I got a taste of it
Last night in my room.

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