Caricamento in corso...

47 degrees...

They say home is where the heart is,
and though that might be true
For me, home is where the heat is,
“Todays lowest – 32.”
Third hottest city in the world,
the first two being our neighbors.
Hot, hotter, hottest,
is the only standard weather.
Culprits of overconsumption,
we shower 3 times a day,
The AC is on 24*7,
we really are the sun’s prey.
Walk out of the house,
within seconds you’ll start to sweat.
Everyone loathes this heat,
especially my furry pet.
There’s something about this weather,
it sucks the 'happy’ out of you.
Leave some coffee and water in the sun,
and it’s ready to brew!
But you’ve got to commend us,
we still carry out chores.
Even in 47 degrees,
when we’re about to explode.

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