I have had people ask if i was okay after reading this, this is just a poem, an idea, a story nothing else but i do thank you all for wondering if i was okay.

He comes home from a night out,
drunk as a skunk and full of lust,
he calls out and finds no answer,
a back hand slap soon finds my face.
A tear slowly rolls down my cheek,
as my clothes are ripped from my body,
a force of hand and nothing can stop him.
The pain, the hatred, the screams.
He comes to his climax,
he pushes me over, and goes again.
Standing over me,
forcing himself into me.
Calling out how good it is.
The door creaks and his mate walks in,
I scream out and he shoves it in.
he laughs and grins.
He pushes me off him,
let’s his mate go on
he comes to climax,
and he too walks away, leaving me there,
feeling used, naked, damaged.
I pull my clothes on and cry,
I walk out the door and run,
run from the monster.
Who is my Father


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Deanna George
almost 6 years

literally made me cry sigh

Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 6 years

Your words are so raw, and cut so precisely.

crazy enough
over 6 years

You can continue this and have me shoot the prick with a shotgun... geeze some kind of justice is needed for closure...

over 6 years

As a father with a daughter I cannot understand why you would write this,it is akin to me writing about being raped by my own mother.WEIRD,but each to their own I suppose. Gee.

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

Bloody hell.

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

...she finds herself
on the unbeaten path
her broken figure
cutting the icy air
as she runs
without breath
yet tireless
until she is welcomed
by the trees
and the chatteting
of the forest
covered in darkness
her presence hid
from the unkind world
her back now
against an old oak...her sobs reaching
the waiting ears
of the wolf
who tonight
is away from the pack
hunting alone
its blood boiling
its itching teeth
ready to devour
the prey it hears
in the wilderness... she watches
as the wolf
from the shadows
its mouth
full of daggers
ready to carve
her young flesh
she has no fear
as it inches forward
its breath felt
on her skin
she closes her eyes
prepared to die...the wolf
ready to pounce
on the girl
this daughter of Eve
whom its mother
the moon
has delivered
for its meal
the wolf
opens it jaw
drawn to the throbbing
of the girls neck
the pulse
suprisingly slow
as it prepares
to sink its teeth
and scratch
its primal itch...the girl feels
the wolfs hot breath
upon her neck
and tilts her head
and makes her offering...the wolfs mouth
pressed against
the girls neck
teeth breaking
hairless flesh
it tastes her blood
the wolf hears
in the drumming
of the girls blood... the girl feels
her flesh break
and her life
begin to pour out
then nothing
she feels the wolf
now nuzzling
her hand
it presses against
her side
then lays down beside her
its eyes seek hers
and the girl knows
tonight she is safe
her spent body
seeking warmth
she wraps her arms
around the wolf
and safely sleeps
and at last
can dream
of a new tomorrow...

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