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A Dream for Two

To Marcy Howard

As we wind our way through life,
Wwe each hold dreams and goals,
And while some dreams fade away,
Others are forever burning coals,
Some of us try to chase the dreams,
While some are told what the dream should be,
And if the dream are someone else’s
What dream do you have for me.
Our dream began in summertime,
On a beaches bleached white sands,
While we allowed the pasts cold grip,
To take the dream from outstretched hands,
Though the dream seems broken,
For us both it still exists,
Even though the past reached out,
Through what we found but both resist.
When you close your eyes at night,
And those tears begin to fall,
The dream we carry in our hearts,
What you feel, I feel it all,
A dream for me is holding you,
And looking into dark brown eyes,
That hold the promise of future smiles,
And hearing your contented sighs.
Though the past might control the path,
This dream for two is real,
And since the dream is all I hold,
Its what everyday I feel,
And on those nights when I feel your pain,
You tears run down my face,
The dream exists in both our hearts,
And will never be erased.
       I found you



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