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I’d Like


I’d like to hold you through the night,
To not be condemned to life alone,
To live this life with someone good,
To let the mind and heart atone,
It seems there always comes an end,
That at times pain just grows and grows,
While all the scars we hold inside,
Are those things we can not show.
I’d like to kiss you on those lips,
A conscious show of affection,
Yet with the spectre of our pasts,
Do our fears become rejection,
The past is over already gone,
Is it lies or dreams that stay,
Can we recapture things once had,
Or does life take love away.
I’d like to reach for someone real,
To know they reach for me,
Looking forward to the coming day,
Accepting discovery,
Every day might be our last,
But is opportunity wasted,
Becoming something we push away,
A meal never tasted.
I’d like to know I’m not alone,
That someone stands with me,
That even with the fears we hold,
We’re not lost in humanity,
I’d like to believe dreams become real,
That these thoughts aren’t fantasy,
That happy isn’t a fruitless search,
Yet can become reality.
I’d like to be the man you need,
Someone that’s here for you,
To hold you when the tears might fall,
To get lost in those eyes of blue,
I’d like for you to truly know,
That the man you see is real,
And I’d like for you to really see,
I’m no longer afraid to feel.
I’d like for you to understand,
That tomorrow can be bright and sunny,
That the sparkle in your eyes,
Is more valuable than money,
All the things we think and feel,
Might cause us to push away,
Though it wasn’t ever planned,
Because of you, I feel today.

May 1st, 2016

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