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To Marcy Howard

Through our lives there are times,
When head and heart keep us strong,
And in the whole scheme of things,
The soul just comes along,
Sometimes the passion is fleeting,
Yet other times never dies,
Not capable of forgetting,
While emanating from the eyes.
The effect of one soul on another,
At times can be profound,
And as it echoes through our lives,
The memories resound,
A heart can not lie to itself,
As it keeps us patiently waiting,
And as long as the heart keeps beating,
In its fate there’s no debating.
You might hide in a song,
Or even hide in a thought,
And as you’re sold the words you hear,
An eternal wait is what we’ve bought,
Through all the things we’ve said and done,
The heart hangs patiently on,
With you as its only thread,
To keep alive what we pretend is gone.
The heart is strong while the body’s weak,
As pain and need are now friends,
But still the heart holds on waiting,
For this nightmare to finally end,
I’ll wait for you in the daytime,
I’ll wait for you in the night,
I’ll wait for you in the pouring rain,
And in my dreams you are the light.
Theses dreams of you command the heart,
To keep vigilant in this quest,
To search for you with all its might,
With waiting the lesson learned best,
And if waiting is now my eternal role,
As the memories just come along,
The thoughts of you are tomorrows fuel,
And only you, keep this heart strong.
       Only you!!!!!



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