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A Heart’s Hand


In a place where time stands still,
Where we give up all control,
Only existing in a dream,
Because the day is filled with holes,
Pain and pleasure combine together,
There’s no need for that fine line,
Where love and hate meld together,
And it seems we’re out of time.
I hold a dream that’s very real,
And inside I’m never alone,
All the things I never had,
Were the only things I’m shown,
How can a person look forward,
If it seems their heart’s left behind,
It’s kind of hard to hug a dream,
With all that’s on your mind.
Something discovered in the past,
That for so long I ignored,
But when I searched this broken heart,
I saw what I need restored,
It lives and breathes inside of me,
LOve can’t be coerced to leave,
And sometimes even time and space,
Can’t bring us to where we bereave.
In a place that’s dark and silent,
Conversations from the past are heard,
And the current emphasis on forgetting,
Makes a scream of every word,
I see and hear what I feel inside,
And I’m faced with the realization,
That we can’t escape love’s pure hold,
Though we fill it with dramatization.
Sometimes when love is found,
Nothing can stop it’s breathing,
No matter of events good or bad,
There’s no way to find it leaving,
From the day that I first met you,
That first time I held you close,
I raise my heart to the heavens each night,
And my soul proposes a toast.
Heaven might be overhead,
But my heaven is me with you,
And all those  things we found together,
Each night for me ring true,
All my hopes and all my dreams,
As forever my heart is yours,
While every night and every day,
The love we found together still endures.

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