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to Marcy Howard

I will not, surrender, or accept defeat, for something, I know is good,
Even though, you might disagree, and believe, that I should,
You know, as well as I, we found, each other’s, heart,
So when does, forever begin, when, will it start?
Two hearts, united as one, but will either, ever be free,
If separated, by the miles, that keep you, away from me,
There, is only one answer, only one thing will do,
That, we’re together, that I’m there with you.
Still, we have, to live our lives, each and every day,
Even if, reality, gets, in happy’s way,
We can give, excuses, offer up, a cure,
But with, other’s answers, of what, can we be sure.
As our lives, travel on, I’m reminded, of a smile,
The picture, of our happiness, trapped, for awhile,
Still, we have to, walk through life, keeping a happy thought,
While, you know, I love you, and it’s you, for whom, I’ve sought,



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