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Hear Today


We think of things in our lives,
With wonder at where we stand,
And when tears stain our pillows,
It’s a payment the heart demands,
Things stand out in our memories,
That we feel in the here and now,
As this heart holds on to yesterday,
And I’m still in love somehow.
In the past love came to me,
It rescued a tattered heart,
Then she had to leave this world,
Until death we’re now apart,
Another heart reached out to me,
But I was overcome with guilt,
The house of cards came tumbling down,
Yet another love was built.
Love has wings and it flies along,
It just needs time to rest,
And every day that passes by,
Means love has passed it’s test,
Every night it comes to life,
When I travel to my dreams,
Leaving an open path to hearts,
That have lost the need to scream.
Dreams might lie in pieces,
But love fills the night time sky,
In a place where hearts have wings,
And the love they hold can fly,
It’s not easy to know the right way,
Each and every single time,
But just the fact that I feel it still,
Shows the emotion is yours and mine,
I still feel  I’m touching soft skin.
I hear a heart whisper to my ear,
And when a breeze stirs the land,
I can feel your presence near,
Emotion takes wing through the night,
As love is something real,
The culmination of love and dreams,
That through life become all we feel.
My yesterdays hold only love,
From the day that love began,
And even though change is hard,
It takes a heart to understand,
Love is real within the heart,
It lives in both night and day,
And every night it tests it’s wings,
That love is here to stay.

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