Funny How


It’s funny how we look for answers,
As the questions somehow get lost,
And in the void between the two,
Our youth becomes the cost,
It’s funny how a rainbow lives,
Water that’s reflecting light
Invisible in the darkness,
Yet still a presence in the night.
It’s funny how a familiar smell,
Can bring a smile or bring a tear,
And its funny how in silence,
There still are things to hear,
It’s funny how the mirror speaks,
The reflection can not lie,
Though people see a sunny smile,
It’s what lives inside the eyes.
It’s funny how we try so hard,
To analyze all we feel,
While it’s funny how we say we see,
Yet ignore emotion s real,
It’s funny how as little kids,
Laughter and fun roam free,
And it’s funny how it’s you I hold,
Deep inside of me.
It’s funny how though years elapse,
The love’s still burning bright,
And it’s funny how somewhere in the dark,
Im my dreams you are my light,
It’s funny how the eyes are dry,
The tears no longer fall,
While it’s funny how in the dreams I have,
You’re whispered voice becomes my all.
It’s funny how I truly believe,
That this heart belongs to you,
While it’s funny how hard that we pretend,
What we found just isnt true,
It’s funny how events conspire,
To make assumptions of what we see,
And it’s funny how the answers we need,
We never tried to set free.
It’s funny how thoughts in the head,
Aren’t whats in the heart,
And its funny how emotion grows,
Every moment we’re apart,
It’s funny how the time ticks by,
And why in datkness love’s still strong,
While it’s funny how with every breath,
Love for you still strolls along.

August 7th,2016

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