Snowflakes fall on frozen ground,
Soon the landscape is turned pure white,
The footsteps from behind we see,
By the snow’s reflected light,
Ahead the snow is unspoiled,
Winter’s virgin beach,
As our footsteps point to the unknown,
A tomorrow we can reach.
Those footsteps that are behind us,
The snow will soon fill in,
Making it seem this path began,
At some place they didn’t begin,
The cold becomes an afterthought,
And in the twilight shadows are alive,
As the mind holds out a random thought,
In this cold can angels arrive.
Heat is generated from somewhere within,
As the snowflakes seem like falling stars,
Echoes somehow of past events,
The past’s pure white scars,
Sound is deadened by the falling snow,
Yet the silence has it’s own sound,
It’s the sound of past discovery,
In this snow what have we found.
We stop to take a needed rest,
As the snowflakes continue to fall,
How deep it gets has no consequence,
We’ll keep going if we have to crawl,
A wind begins to blow and howl,
And the snowflakes swirl and dance,
Touching earth where they may,
Their journey a second chance.
These snowflakes once were water,
Liquid and unfrozen,
A mirror of the path we take,
Though un-thought of, what we’ve chosen,
As we survey the land around,
Ahead is unspoiled snow,
Behind the footsteps slowly fade,
For the past we can not show.
As we look we see the land,
This frozen water turns it white,
Inside the heart we still feel love,
And it still lives without you’re light,
Night may fall but love still lives,
Though our footsteps make no sound,
And though our footsteps disappear,
Love still walks around.

January 14th, 2017

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