Is It You

to marcy howard

When you look, in the mirror, who is it, that you see,
The person, you are, or the one You’d like to be,
Can you look, past yourself, and think, of only another,
Will your actions help, or will they only smother.
The reflection, that you see, can be real and can be fake,
It’s not about the image, it’s about, give and take,
Who, you are, doesn’t need another’s perception,
Honesty, is inside, not part, of  the deception,
Truth, begins with you, not in the words, you hear,
And honesty, in emmotion, isn’t something you should fear,
What, dreams and goals, put you in this place,
Are you still yourself, or just another face.
Is t, this person real, or was she, just a dream,
Or was it a game, team against team,
Questions abound, yet answers are few,
Is that face, in the mirror.... really you?



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