It Still Remains


Our eyes adjust to darkness,
Can our hearts do the same thing,
Or is there something deep inside,
That broken hearts can’t bring,
Are our lives a mirror of,
All the hurt and pain,
Do tears become the peace we have,
As they seem to fall like rain.
Pain is something we all feel,
It’s a common thread for all,
But happiness also has a voice,
Even when hearts fall,
There are memories we hold onto,
They’re part of what makes  us tick,
But love is more than just memory,
It’s real not some trick.
Actions might say one thing,
But those actions can be taken wrong,
Assumptions don’t always equal truth,
Different conclusions come with that song,
If the darkness overtakes,
It doesn’t mean the love is gone,
Just means the music’s somehow changed,
But the love still comes along.
There is good and bad for all of us,
And at times silence has no choice,
Love doesn’t need to be spoken out loud,
Even in silence it has it’s voice,
Though at times there’s darkness,
For each of us love’s a light,
A light we see through any pain,
A beacon to light our nights.
I’ve been told that I’m a fool,
Because I still feel the words you spoke,
And just because there are mistakes,
Doesn’t mean the love is broke,
Sure at times the darkness invades,
I feel the things you feel,
All those things we found together,
We both know they’re real.
Pain is not my master,
Love is my master inside,
For so long we tried to hide it,
But it’s alive in both our eyes,
I know you feel the things I feel,
But like me you have your chains,
Doesn’t change that love is real,
Just proves it still remains.

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