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Along the way


As we travel through our lives,
It’s said we live and learn,
As who we are and what we are,
Along the way we earn,
We look back at events now gone,
All the things we said and did,
While the image that we project,
Holds all the things we hid.
Love and loss have molded us,
While our dreams at times get lost,
With clouds hiding the bright blue sky,
And our image then the cost,
We take a trip to a time and place,
When dreams and love were real,
The here and now a foreign place,,
Because there are some things we still feel.
Along the way we close our eyes,
Seeing events and places,
Is holding on sustaining us,
Through all those times and places,
Do our eyes become conditioned,
To see only what they’re told,
As our minds create scenarios,
Far less than what hearts hold.
Our lives become a tapestry,
That’s woven with our tears,
And all the screams held within,
Are screams that no one hears,
Along the way we acquire dreams,
And our minds make them complex,
Are we truly happy,
With all our minds reject.
Along the way a heart is shattered,
Yet in those pieces love’s alive,
The heart reaches further than the mind,
It’s persistence never denied,
Do memories bring a flow of tears,
Without eyes can we still see,
That all the things we hold inside,
To find we must set free.
Along the way we touch happiness,
Though other times we touch pain,
Either one can seem a cloud,
That leaves a telltale stain,
If you stand and look in the mirror,
What does the image say,
That love and pain and all the things,
We acquired along the way.

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