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Symphony in Silence


There are those times when silence reigns,
When you long for any sound,
Times when just a teardrop,
Becomes the only noise you found,
I see there’s something happening,
But it wasn’t silent before,
And the fact I can’t hear anything,
Makes me want to hear it more.
At times I see lips moving,
Yet somehow I don’t hear a thing,
No matter what seems to be,
The bell that doesn’t ring,
If life is entirely silent,
I think of all I’d miss,
The sound of a child’s laughter,
The sighs with our first kiss.
If it’s your heart that’s broken,
Is it love that I can’t hear,
Or is every sound taken away,
And I 'm left with just my fear,
At times silence is a comfort,
But it can deepen or strengthen pain,
Though at times it’s hard to distinguish,
If it will leave or just remain.
Silence can be a combination,
Of past pains and present fears,
Though at times this heart has vision,
Does the heart control our tears,
Silence might venture into a soul,
And it can also take over a mind,
And as I’m immersed in silence,
By that silence am I defined.
Silence may bring on deep thoughts,
Though it can cause us to think to much,
But with silence and contemplation,
I look for a certain touch,
If we live in a symphony of silence,
Will I lose my sense of self,
With the sounds becoming a thing I miss,
A lost emotional wealth.
There are certain sounds I’ve come to miss,
Those sounds I long to hear,
But I’d like to hear true love’s voice,
And at the same time silence fear,
A symphony of silence,
Is it the sound of being alone,
Living without the sound of love,
Can make any sound unknown.

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