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The Skeletons Mountaintop Whisper

To Marcy Howard

There are things inside of me,
That no one will ever see,
And these days I believe,
Only you can set these skeletons free,
I guess I didn’t understand,
Skeletons held your heart,
And now you have the piece of me,
That this silence rips apart.
And as these thoughts engulf  the mind,
My souls alone on this  mountain top,
Hiding in its sanctuary,
With memories that can’t stop,
And thouh each day life goes on,
It feels like running in place,
As the sun is hidden,
Behind a beautiful face.
The skeletons are spectres of the past,
As memories live each day,
And this emotion that we found,
Can not go away,
While I sit in this forest green,
I listen to the breeze,
And as the breeze whispers to me,
A memory becomes my disease.
At times the skeletons live,
And memories keep them alive,
As the fate of tomorrow,
Is waiting for today to arrive,
The skeletons that embrace us,
Seem to hide behind the trees,
And sitting on this mountaintop,
A breeze whispers to me,
It holds the whisper of  your voice,
And for a moment, the skeletons are free.
           Only you!!!



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