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The Gift

to Marcy Howard

Christmas colors, are red and green;but mine, have changed to blue,
Because, it seems, there is no way; to stop my missing you,
Can, these holidays, mean more;if, you celebrate, alone,
Or does, the meaning, somehow, get lost;within, the heart’s unknown.
Carolers and snowmen, tinsel amd lights, yet nothing, could prepare me,
For, your swift departure, or the nightmares, every scene,
As, the carolers, sing their songs;and snow flakes, fill the air,
There is, no highway traffic, yet we feel, the Christmas cheer.
Lights, twinkleand tinsel, shines;shoppers fill, the streets,
As children’s eyes, are alive with joy, as santa claus, they meet,
If, during, your last year, you found love, one day,
Your gifts, already opened, it’s Christmas, every day!
                LOVE IS  REAL!!



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