to Marcy Howard

Sometimes alife may hold pain and sorrow, yet it only holds love towards you,
Sometimes things aren’t what they seem, when dealing with something new,
Sometimes the things that we feel, though hard to fathom they still are true,
Sometimes things that we find, are the things that get us through.
Sometimes the pain abates awhile, though it’s you I need to hold,
Sometimes I can close my eyes, and see the love that your eyes told,
Sometimes the darkness closes in, with my savior being dreams,
Sometimes I can hear your voice, that saves me from the screams.
Sometimes I have to look away, from a stranger’s face,
Sometimes I wish my sight was true, that it really is your face,
Somtimes love holds all the answers, once begun it can not die,
Sometimes love grows old and tired, with forever then a lie.
Sometimes I wish for just a glimpse, a reward for all this time,
Sometimes I push other’s away, to wait for who I know is mine,
Somtimes a smile adorns my face, when a thought makes me feel you,
Sometimes I know you think of me, when the sky is cloudless blue,
Sometimes what we feel inside, is so hard to understand,
Sometimes the heart knows oh so well, we hold tomorrow in our hand,
Sometimes I hear you calling me, that we’ve both overcome our fears,
Sometimes the tears burn to the soul, the screams that no one hears,
Sometimes faith and love are all, that make this life worthwhile,
Sometimes all We really need, is to see the other smile,
Sometimes belief is all I have, and that belief is the one in you,
And sometime I’ll hold you once again, and the time will prove love’s true!!!
      I found you and I know you.......



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